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25 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
CERV - Civil Dialogue Week 2021

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Registration and next steps

1. Registration | until May 28th
First of all, you must register by clicking the green button on the right.
Everyone is required to register for the conference in order to take part in the different sessions. During registration, you will choose the sessions you will attend. They will then appear in your Event Agenda.
From the point of registration, you will receive updates on what to do next.

2. Set up a profile 
During the registration process, you will also be required to set up your profile. You can change your profile at any time. You can state your areas of activity and which ideas you would like to discuss with other participants. 

3. Join the session streams 

During the event you can access the sessions by going to the Agenda page. 

To access the sessions for which you registered, go to My Agenda (you must be logged in to see this page) and click on Join online session’.  

To see all the sessions included in the programme, go to Event Agenda.